The most efficient guiding solution for visually impaired people 


NAVIGUEO+ HIFI is the audio beacon that allows you to meet the expectations of millions of visually impaired and blind people.

This guiding solution makes it safe and easier for everyone to get around.

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Functional quality

Digital network for all

No noise pollution

Ready for standard laws and needs


The RATP, the parisian company of public transportation

We're happy to announce that Okeenea won the Parisian Public Transportation Company tender for audio beacons and will be the audio beacons supplier for the entire Parisian metro network. More than 1,500 Navigueo+ Hifi are going to guide visually impaired people by the end of 2019!

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- Activated by remote control or smartphone app

 - Daytime and night-time sound volumes (Real Time Clock Calendar)

  - Message broadcast orchestration 

- several colors available 

- Customizable features (standards and needs)

 - CE certification

-  Interchangeability facilitated

- Wireless settings and diagnosis

 - Access authorization levels 

- Guidance and vocalization of the information 

- High acoustical quality 

- Variety of audio messages (up to 5 personalized messages can be uploaded)

Open SDK for third party application (iBeacon)


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The SNCF, the French National Railway Company

The French Railroad Company chose Okeenea as its audio beacons supplier. Navigueo+ Hifi audio beacons are going to be installed in train stations all across France!

More about this

Navigueo+ Hifi is an audio beacon which audio messages are activated on-demand by remote control or smartphone app. We can provide you with an SDK to integrate the audio beacons' activation feature on your own app. This feature is also enabled on our free smartphone app called MyMoveo, available on App Store and Google Play. MyMoveo app can be used by blind people to activate both Okeenea's audio beacons and Accessible Pedestrian Signals.

Every audio beacon should broadcast at least 3 types of information:

- The name of the location where the audio beacon is installed (ie: Grand Central Station, E 48th Street Entrance)

- Guiding and distance information to reach the next relevant point of interest (ie: Go straight for 50 feet and you'll find the ticketing booth)

- Hours of Operation (ie: The station is open from 4 am to 2am Monday trough Saturday and from 7am to 11pm on Sunday"

Audio beacons settings and audio messages can be uploaded and changed via a secured Bluetooth connection.

How does Navigueo+ Hifi work? 

Have you ever wondered how blind people navigate around cities and take public transportation?

Visual impaired people rely on their other senses, especially the hearing. They analyze their environment's sounds and audible information to get around. Messages provided by audio beacons help them identify and reach a point of interest. The sound corridor created by the audio beacons becomes the direction to follow to get from one place to another, from point A to point B. 

In a complex and disrupted environement, such as a metro network or subway system, a strategically installed grid of audio beacons from the station entrance to the exit and through platforms and hallways allows blind people to figure their way around on their own, and travel safely and independently.

How do visually impaired people find their way around?